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Retaining Walls

Boosting your home value can be easily achieved by adding properly built retaining walls or replacing the existing worn out walls within your property. Retaining wall in landscaping, is a structure created and installed in a proper way to hold and retain soil in place in areas where a slope is present. These walls can also be used to restrain soil so as to create way for other activities such as driveways and walkways. Properly installed retaining walls will withstand a lot of environmental factors and might last for a longer period.

When designing retaining walls Townsville, landscape designers always ensure that the walls are well installed. This is done to ensure that the materials used are perfectly suitable and the subsoil is not overloaded. The possibilities of the wall sliding forward or overturning are also made very minimal for occurrence, close to none. Some of the types of materials used to create retaining walls  include rocks or boulders, concrete blocks, treated timber, and poured concrete. Every single material used to make retaining walls have their own needs in terms of space, installation, labor and maintenance.

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  • Poured concrete retaining walls

The strongest and very durable choice for retaining walls Townsville is the poured concrete. They can be made to your desired output shape and size. However, only professionals are recommended for the creation of poured concrete retaining walls. During installation, poured concrete base needs reinforcement and weep holes at every six to eight feet.

  • Masonry retaining walls

These walls depend on their own weight together with the friction on the underside of the base to resist pressure that may cause a slide or overturn of the wall. They can be made up to a height of 2m. The wall is proportioned in a manner that the dead weight of the wall gives the required stability against the pressure exerted by the backfill including surcharge.  Weep holes are the small holes that are made on the walls to help with draining water and are created after every six to eight feet. For landscaping purposes in Townsville, they are usually created from metameric concrete units. Professionals are highly recommended for this type of retaining wall installation.

  • Interlocking concrete blocks

Though made from concrete, these blocks usually have a rough finish for a fantastic look. They are made to easily interlock without the use of a mortar but they will need a mason for proper installation and when properly built, they can last at least forty years.

  • Piling and anchored retaining walls

These retaining walls are frequently utilised in loose soils and compact or dense spaces. They are created with steel, proper vinyl and sometimes wood planks, which are pulled into the ground. These media and material are often driven one third high up the ground and two-third underneath the ground. They can also be remodeled depending on the surroundings. Support anchors are then put down to enhance the strength at the possible plane collapse spot within the soil.

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