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Paving services in landscaping are done as part of hardscaping. Landscapers in Townsville usually begin by suitably levelling and arranging the site aggregate molding as well as the foundation layer which are then overspread with the preferred landscape paving materials. As a property owner in Townsville, choosing the right paving materials while considering the purpose for which you would like your landscape paved is essential. The different types of paving materials available in the market and are regularly used by landscapers offering services for paving Townsville are;

  • Brick pavers

Bricks have slip resistant texture finishing that is so natural with a non-glare surface. They are environmentally friendly and also have an array of beautiful earthy colors that can perfectly complement your garden depending on your preference. They are quite durable, pocket friendly, stain resistant and require very minimal maintenance. This type of paving is common preference by most property owners for slip resistant purposes such as in driveways, walkways, backyards, patios and even around the swimming pool.

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  • Concrete pavers

To create a sprightly view to your property, concrete pavers can be a good choice. These pavers are easy to install, affordable and also require low maintenance. Depending on the type of color and texture as well as the patterns available, landscapers in Townsville will efficiently provide as per your preference as a property owner.

  • Limestone pavers

Natural limestone pavers offer an elegant and sophisticated look for your entire outdoor space. They are relatively soft compared to other outdoor garden pavers and can easily be trimmed to perfectly fit your intended project. All the same, the colors for limestone pavers are mostly available in several eye soothing shades with light neutral hues. They can be limited to three colors of greyish-white, off-white and blueish-grey and may be placed in different areas such as walkways and patios.

  • Granite pavers

Granite paving collection can be both beautifully eye-striking and exceedingly robust with a fine textured surface. Granite paving installations can give your landscape quite a fashionable look making it ideal for both walkways and driveways. Their colors vary therefore property owners can get to choose the ones which they like best for installation.

  • Natural stone pavers

The beauty and uniqueness about natural stone pavers is that you will never get two stones with the same exact color and pattern as well as their tones. This creates a visually appealing look to your garden. They can equally handle all weather conditions as they are very durable and with pretty low cases of abrasion.  

  • Turf grass/ turf blocks soft paving

This option provides pretty and colorful garden patterns of both softscape and hardscape. The installation is done to such an extent that the paving is stable enough to withstand light vehicular loads as well as pedestal loads. This paving option requires a relatively low installation cost. It also exhibits good drainage properties and helps reduce near surface temperatures to a greater extent. Nevertheless, this option requires a high level of frequent maintenance. 

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