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Landscape Townsville services include the installation of both softscape and hardscapes within your property’s garden. Once you have identified the landscaping Townsville company that you would like to hire, there are a few simple steps that you will need to follow as the property owner.

  • Make a call and schedule a site reconnaissance visit for the landscapers

The landscapers will physically visit your site for a preliminary survey. This is like stock taking of what is already existing in the garden. They will then create a base map with the exact location of these items and features within the garden. Be sure to find time when you will be physically available for the landscapers’ reconnaissance visit.

  • Interview and interact with the landscapers

Talk to the professional landscapers once they are done with stock taking, tell them what you need exactly. Give them a bit of your garden’s history and answer any relevant questions or concerns they may raise. The landscaper will note down all your garden service needs.

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  • Site analysis

Once the landscaper has gotten the idea of what you need. Allow them to perform a site analysis before the project begins. This ensures that no material or item is left out when making the bill of quantities and prices for all needed materials for the job. Site analysis may include garden soil testing, the total site area estimation, the location, the site’s drainage system and the weather conditions of the area.

  • Plot plan development

The landscapers will then come up with a basic sketch of the ideas you have both agreed on for installation or renovation. The plan does not have to be detailed since it is only a rough idea of the work to be carried out put on paper in two dimensions, prior to the final design output. This ensures that the garden is well divided into different zones as private or public, service and living areas, with proper connection paths before design installation.

  • Garden service cost

During the meeting, before the contract begins, ask for the amount that the landscapers will need to complete the entire project and activities. Give them your budget for the same and reach a mutual consensus.

  • Design output and installation

The landscape designers will put into consideration all the principles of landscape design for all the garden elements including;

  • Unity; each garden element is made to unify and contribute to the theme.
  • Harmony; the features are arranged in a manner that forms a visually pleasing picture.
  • Simplicity; understanding what is important to the design and not keeping it uncluttered.
  • Repetition; repeating features or even color for harmony and unity.
  • Balance; distributing the visual weight either symmetrically or asymmetrically.
  • Scale; maintain a proportional relationship between the hardscape and softscape considering the human scale.
  • Sequence; eases the eye flow from one feature in the landscape to another.
  • Focal point; a point that attracts attention the most within the garden.
  • Form; considers the shapes of both the softscape and hardscape.
  • Texture and Color; texture determines the visual weight of the features and choosing colors is carefully done to ensure proper blend.
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