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Garden Maintenance

Property owners in Townsville having gardens and backyard will at some point in time require professional garden maintenance services. The extent of garden services Townsville required considerably varies from one property to another. The garden care services also vary depending on the size of the garden, the facilities within the outdoor space of the property and also the property owner’s budget. These garden services offered by landscapers  are;

  • Irrigation and watering

Choosing the best irrigation and watering services suitable for your garden can easily be done by the help of Townsville landscapers. The system can be automated in such a way that watering is scheduled for mornings and evenings when the soil is cooler to ensure maximum infiltration and less evaporation of the irrigation water.

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  • Tree trimming and pruning maintenance

Landscapers in this case physically cut off the tree parts that are old or injured and can be perilous to the users, also the parts that are infected or overgrown. It improves the tree’s health making it visually appealing with reduced pests and diseases. Tree trimming frequency is mostly season and plant-specific; some plant species require less frequent pruning like evergreens while other plants require frequent pruning like herbaceous plants after every season. The trimming procedure mostly applies to ornamental landscape trees.

  • Lawn mowing, aeration and fertilisation

Aeration is one of the essential elements to lawn maintenance as it allows both water, nutrients and air to penetrate the built-up grass thatch. It is done by perforating small holes in the grass roots using a spike or plug lawn aerator. Mowing is done in to such a degree that only one third of the grass tip is chopped off to ensure adequate regrowth. Fertilisation helps in additional input of nutrients that are otherwise missing from the soil.

  • Weeding, pest and disease management

Each and every property owner deserves to enjoy a pest and disease free garden. With the help of professional landscapers Townsville, you are guaranteed a hundred percent satisfaction since you don’t pay until you are fully happy with our services. You are also guaranteed a quick response less than 24hours of your call. Regardless of what time of the year or season it is, our professional weeding, pest and disease terminators will assess the situation and come up with the best solution to address it.

  • Garden waste management

Normally, the waste from your garden comprise of general plant debris mixed with daily household wastes. Oftentimes, these garden wastes end up being dumped in landfills where the organic wastes decompose anaerobically, producing gasses like methane that are major contributors to global warming.  As a way of garden maintenance Townsville, we believe that most garden wastes are recyclable as it is also an environmentally friendly practice for garden care. When proper composting is done, less greenhouse gases are produced and the garden wastes are efficiently reused back in the gardens. Composting turns your garden wastes into nutrient rich food for your other plants through a natural biodegradation process as a practice for organic farming.

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