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Landscapers Townsville are devoted to creating world-class gardens and outdoor spaces assuring you as our esteemed clients, quality service and exceptional satisfaction from our services. The assistance we offer is tailor-made as per the customer needs and is carried out by well-trained team of landscape designers, landscape architects, landscape project managers, and skilled garden artisans. Our team has vast wealth of landscaping knowledge to share with our valued clients ensuring all your needs are perfectly met with optimum outcomes. Our services Townsville involve installation of both softscape (living landscape) and hardscape (non-living landscape) components. It is essential to routinely check on the status of your garden to ensure that all its components are in perfect and less risky conditions.

As Townsville landscapers, we will entirely take care of your softscape; trees, shrubs, lawns, and all hardscapes within your property. We provide you as our clients with a proper and effective softscape health management plan, offering services such as landscaping, garden maintenance, landscape paving and retaining wall installation.  Opting to carry out these tasks yourself can be great but a very risky adventure especially when you are not experienced in the gardening service field. In such cases, contracting us as a landscaping service company in Townsville is highly advised.

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Landscaping Townsville

Everyone wants their yards and gardens to be inviting. If your garden is plain and pretty boring and needs a makeover, then you might just entreat landscaping help to make it fresh and fun, bringing a warm vibe to your property. Landscaping Townsville can also be done when you are looking to increase your property value when it is professionally designed, installed and well maintained. Landscapers Townsville are always at your beck and call when you require such landscaping services at an affordable cost. They include;

  • Ornamental tree and shrub planting: Plants have a wide range of importance in your garden as long as they are planted with regards to their functionality and aesthetic values to the landscape. Landscapers Townsville can help with the best list of plants suitable for your garden.
  • Turf installation: Fresh turf sods or neatly planted turf sprigs can make your yard look so appealing once established. The beautiful sight of fresh green grass is totally enough to create a smile on your face any time and any day.
  • Landscape paving: Your garden features need to be connected for the users of the space to get to fully enjoy the view. We create very lovely paths using landscape pavers that are durable. These range from walkways to driveways.
  • Water feature installation: Water features are good when all your garden features are static with nothing that pleasantly drips or flows. They can be water fountains, waterfalls or ponds within your garden.


Garden paving uses different outdoor hardscape pavers which are actual circulation surfaces that are durably and practically made to withstand any load and pressure exerted upon them. These loads can either be pedestrian or traffic loads. Paving Townsville services offered are done in such a manner to grant friction for the users of the spaces thus transferring both pedestrian and traffic loads from the top of the surface to the below natural soil.

Depending on the reasons for paving, as a property owner in Townsville, with the help of professional landscapers, you can choose from a series of easily available paving materials. These materials include; brick, concrete, limestone, natural stones and gravel paving stones.

Townsville landscapers can carry out paving services in three ways as;

  • In situ paving: Landscapers in this case install the landscape paving within the site in the appropriate position needed. Some of the in situ paving services done are concrete and asphalt landscape installations.
  • Unit paving: The landscape paving in this case are made as numerous small units and may not necessarily be made where they are installed. Pavers can be manufactured in a different location and transported to different sites for installation. The paving options that require unit installations are brick paving, limestone paving, natural stone paving and granite pavers.
  • Soft paving: This involves the incorporation of both turf grass and the preferred landscape pavers during installation. It forms a pattern of both softscape and hardscape. The option includes turf grass soft paving and turf blocks soft paving.
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Retaining Walls Townsville

Retaining walls townsville in a garden are fundamental architectural features of the landscape. This is necessary as they both hold soil from being eroded away and filter runoff rainwater. The main advantage of using a retaining wall is that they are quite durable and will most probably last a long while than you can imagine. Many garden owners may opt for inexpensive materials for retaining wall installation. However, no compromise in terms of stability can be permitted. Landscapers Townsville ensure that retaining walls are made stable enough to resist all forces acting on them. These walls can be built from concrete, sandstones, granite and other different construction materials. The walls can be;

  • Concrete retaining walls: Concrete can be used to make modern and very elegant designs in your garden as a homeowner in Townsville. It is a good way of reinforcement when a slope is implicated. Industrial concrete incorporated with simple architecture looks quite spectacular. Playful designs of retaining walls can create a structure with different forms which is a visual added advantage to your outdoor space.
  • Stone retaining walls: Natural stones are used to make non-formal looking retaining walls. Opting to introduce creative elements in your garden, gabion walls can also be created as an alternative to both concrete and stone-concrete retaining walls. They are made of a metal mesh gabion filled with stones.
  • Green garden retaining walls: A great combination of design, functionality and aesthetics is well achieved by green retaining walls. These retaining walls are slightly inclined and made with relatively bigger spaces in between them, allowing for plant growth especially shrubs and grasses.

Garden Maintenance

One of the most amazing outdoor activities is gardening, as it directly connects us with nature. It also gives us a biophilia effect and repeatedly, we experience reduced stress levels and less aggressiveness after carrying out a few garden related activities. Even so, due to other commitments, you as a property owner in Townsville, might not have the time to single-handedly beautify your own garden. In such cases, you are highly advised to seek professional help from garden maintenance services Townsville company near you. A beautiful garden doesn’t only improve the general elegance of your property but also gives a pleasant impression to your visitors as it is the first thing that will attract their attention.

We carry out both commercial and residential garden maintenance in all-weather seasons because your garden requires habitual maintenance all year round. Our highly skilled landscapers Townsville will effectively handle all garden needs, providing customised maintenance support to allow your garden to bloom to the optimum. Our garden maintenance Townsville programs are regularly reviewed to achieve both our client’s desires and the garden care required. Landscapers Townsville team of experts are focused on continuously expanding and improving their skills and knowledge of the current garden maintenance techniques with an emphasis on viable sustainable methods.

To maintain beautiful outdoor spaces, garden maintenances that we carry out include ornamental topiary hedging, lawn mowing, fertilisation for lawn and garden, tree trimming and pruning, watering, hardscape cleaning, lawn and garden aeration and disease management. We carry out detailed garden services specific to both your garden softscape and hardscape.

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When you own either a commercial or residential Townsville landscaping with a garden, you will certainly need to have it well designed, installed, renovated, or maintained. An elegantly designed and maintained area will likely add to mental stimulation that gives you a sense of serenity and peaceful mind when you need a break from the day to day same old routines. Different landscaping companies in Townsville provide gardening services at different affordable prices depending on the exact need your garden requires. Landscapers Townsville will renovate and design your garden according to the design style that perfectly fits your requirements as a property owner.

For softscaping, you can find a number of options such as ornamental topiaries and curving of shrubs to desired and interesting shapes. For hardscaping services, there are vast options to choose from when creating for instance walkways, driveways or even parking lots and patios. Landscapers Townsville are experts in this field and will always guide accordingly when needed. In addition, this can also include installation features like water fountains, irrigation systems, garden lighting and many other decorative items that might be possibly required for installation. Your area may have been designed and already installed, nonetheless, you will still need proper maintenance once in a while throughout the year.

Are you planning to revamp your outdoor landscape and recreate your space to achieve an aesthetically and visually appealing space with increased value for your property? Contact us for exceptional, professional and pocket-friendly Landscaping services in Townsville, Australia.

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